Non Profit Organisation ( Trust/Society/NGO)

In India Non Profit / Public Charitable Organizations can be registered as Trusts, Societies, or a Private limited non profit company, under section-25 companies.

Non-profit organisations in India,

(a) exist independently of the state;

(b) are self-governed by a board of trustees or ‘managing committee’/ governing council, comprising individuals who generally serve in a fiduciary capacity;

(c) produce benefits for others, generally outside the membership of the organisation; and

(d) are ‘non-profit-making’, in as much as they are prohibited from distributing a monetary residual to their own members.

Our Services includes :

  1. Prepare Trust Deed, Bylaws, incorporation papers
  2. Name Approval and filing incorporation documents with MCA in case of Private limited non profit company.
  3. Register with Income Tax Authorities for U/s 80G certificate and exemption to done.
  4. Annual Compliances