Vetting of Documents

Legal Vetting means making a careful and critical examination of documents to be executed in terms of law.

Legal vetting of contracts results a thorough due diligence of clauses of the agreement and also results in ensuring the following:

  • All safeguards are taken
  • Specific role is defined
  • Monetary security
  • Legal remedy
  • Well-defined issues
  • Clarity of aspects and monetary terms, etc

Since a badly drafted agreement will not only result in confusion in wordings but may also result in losing your stand due to the anomaly created by the usage of the words.

Since, an agreement has to be read, understood and analysed as per the wordings and expression employed in the body of an agreement. It is pertinent to understand that under no circumstances any artificial word can be infused or an additional meaning can be drawn other than what is understood in literal manner.

Therefore, it is always advised to go for a legal vetting of an agreement/documents  in order to save unforeseen loses which could been averred if a proper action of legal vetting by a law firm is executed in time.

Legal Vetting also compulsory in many financial documents with bankers. Example taking a corporate load/ Bill Discouting / L/c Discouting, etc

We provide Vetting of :

  • Various commercial agreements, will, Partnership deed
  • Loan agreements and financial / Bank loan agreement/ Instruments